Scene Canvassing: Nick Lepard

Nick Lepard: painter by way of Vancouver with portraiture as richly layered as his artistic perspective … “My goal is to reflect people in the modern world, but not the modern world itself;” meet Nick Lepard, a 22-year-old artist by way of Vancouver. As the product of a media immersed society, Lepard’s artwork represents the…

TITLE Tuesday: Issue No. 6 – Analogue Transit, Fever Ray

Hot off the presses, it’s TITLE Magazine! Featuring: Analgoue Transit – Gearheart Review (pg. 89) and Fever Ray – Fever Ray Deluxe LP Review (pg. 90) Plus a whole slew of other worthwhile content for the literate Best Coast – pg. 71 and the illiterate

Music Monday: Interview with Fool’s Gold

Hey strangers; in the midst of my winter hibernation (read: cold, hard hustle) I peek my head above ground every now and then to highlight those creative sparks that keep me warm and fuzzy, and the frostbite at bay. So, this Music Monday installment shines the spotlight on my new favorite band du jour: Fool’s…

Music Monday: La Roux, Mid-Air, Title Magazine

If you write it, they will come – illiteracy notwithstanding. Awhile back I wrote a review on an up-and-coming indie culture mag, Title. I thought they were pretty much amazing, and come to find out, the magazine thought the same about me. A few months, and a game of email tag later, we are one….

The Quarter: Title Mag

The kid’s alright … Title Magazine Editor-in-Chief Catherine Bui stopped by the Motel to let us in on her latest work: The Quarter is a fourth of a dollar and the Fourth Estate went from promoting public opinion to profiting the private sector – but a quarter is still a fourth and it’s always a…