Britney Tweets 2007, Ep. 3

Popisodics, TK:LA

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss Spears will remain the bad bxxch you’ll never know, because they shouldn’t have let her blackout the ‘net #work: nouveau decided to put on a show #luckystarswipgolden


because education was the motivation, because she blogged before it was cool, because she was an independent publisher in the midst of corporate media, because stellar evolution involves apparent collapse, because she may not have spoken the King’s English but still scribed the siren’s hymn, because well-before she dropped the scheiße en route to new Britney’s mission she bathed in capital H.I.M., because we voted her to be nouveau royalty in the midst of gop patriarchy, because she faced the fire for her fans while the Administration placed firearms and debt in their electorate’s hands…

because she wants you people to know she’s not perfect, she’s divine #godspeed

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.37.39 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.37.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.38.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.38.41 PM

Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 2

Popisodics, TK:LA

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss Spears will remain the bad bxxch you’ll never know, because they shouldn’t have let her blackout the ‘net #work: nouveau decided to put on a show #luckystarswipgolden


because there was no twitterverse then …

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.14.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.03.02 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.02.37 PM

because once upon a time there were haircuts …

Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 1


if… IF I were to blinkk this I would probably say…

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss Spears will remain the bad bxxch you’ll never know, because they shouldn’t have let her blackout the ‘net #work: nouveau decided to put on a show #luckystarswipgolden

because she continues to be the original doll


What If Britney Spears Had Twitter in 2007?  #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers

I II.png

BlinkkBeats: Kanye Tweets & “Life on Mars”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves

BlinkkIt: “When Yeezy met Ziggy”

Your Timeline, My Turntable: October 27, 2010

Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Twitter: because you don’t find music, music finds you #followon


* * *

The Strokes – “Last Night” (via @aurosan – #ohyestheydid)



Follow Friday: A Tale of Two TwitPics


We are on the brink of a sea change – the Post-Apopcalypse is upon us…

Out with the old

… in with the new

#mytwocents: This is big. This is massive. This is the changing of the guard. Britney Spears, reigning zeitgeist from 2000-2008, about to lose the top spot on Twitter to Lady GaGa. This is like Bad Romance leapfrogging Circus on TRL: #itslikethat. Just as the Pop cultural barometer du jour last decade was the illustriously dubious TRL, so this decade it has become Twitter. Britney was the indisputable Queen of Total Request Live, but just as the show retired – so must she. Kids nowadays need something for an attention span that can’t – hey look a butterfly! What? Oh, right; they need someone who’s crazy – but in a “way existentialist” way, not an “okay, so maybe I was strapped to a gurney once” way. Back then: kids needed a whole day to decide who to vote for 38 times on the way home from school, just in time to see the results on television at said home 10 minutes later. Now: kids love, hate, envy, loathe, approve, tolerate, and swear allegiance to their favorite celebrity in 10 minutes – television just can’t keep up with that – but just like Droid does, Twitter can. The revolution will not be televised, but the evolution will be digitized: enter Twitter – the crowds have spoken: #papapaparazzi

Dime Digest – Follow Friday: “… and they say Chi-City”


Is that… is that you? Yes, it’s me – more importantly, it’s Friday. Which means one thing: well, that it’s Friday (obvs), but also it is Follow Friday (for those of you who still celebrate, like opposite day – it’s a strong niche holiday… digress) so let’s get to stalkin’!

This Friday comes in like a breath of fresh air from the Windy City, we have a trifectious Pop trinity of Chitown’s finest – native and newcomers alike.

So much to be said about these three… but nothing that could define them better than the figures themselves

@kanyewest – Kanye West

One of Chi-Town’s pre-eminent gods tweets in perfect Pop Art prose… that is all – anything more that needs to be said, he has tweeted, is tweeting now, or will tweet in the future

Everything I Need to Tweet I Learned on Television: Chappelle’s Trading Spouses


As the old saying (read: book title) says “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” well as the new saying goes “Everything I Need to Tweet I Learned on TV” (because if it isn’t worth tweeting about, it isn’t worth knowing; and who needs school when you’ve got Google – from socializing to social studies: Google’s got it!).

Judging by Twitter last night the revolution may not be televised, but social evolution is; when it comes to race relations in 2010, Dave Chappelle is the modern Magellan.

If tweets were transcripts…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Dave Chapelle – Trading Spouses Skit“, posted with vodpod

Follow Friday: Paper Cuts


Paper Magazine dropped their “Social Networking Issue” earlier this month and – amidst the usual prime Pop culture prose and noteworthy points – featured their own “Who’s Who” primer of the Twittasphere:


When the world says they’re on their paper chase, it’s no wonder why with Paper’s taste: impeccable. Their 140 keep Twitter witty and wise… and ego-checked. A look back at the month’s last – but furthest from least – list of Tweeps to follow, know, love, @, #, RT, and DM the %*!&# out of, courtesy of Paper Magazine… featured below are a few of the finest from the character reel…

@questlove : Questlove

questlove1Drummers keep the beat – Quest is no different keeping to the root of the Tweet


@whitegrlproblem : White Girl Problems

whitegirlproblems1Yep, even though Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary Kate, and Casey lead deceptively glamorous lives, white girls do indeed have problems, just like the rest of us.

Follow Friday: DC Twitterati


This edition of Follow Friday is an homage to those District Attorneys who made the enigma that was @swiper_bootz a reality. It was these TwietCong that welcomed me into their sandbox and showed me how to run the playground that is Twitter. So here they are: DC’s Finest:

Winston “Stone” Ford aka The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions is the premier online destination for alternative urban music and culture. The online magazine, created in 2005, covers emerging artists in hip-hop, R&B, electronica, house, rock, and all things in between, and has attracted tech savvy and progressive music lovers from around the world who are seeking new, underground and underheard talent. In addition to it’s flagship website, The Couch Sessions is leveraging its brand through Facebook, and Twitter attracting visitors from over 20 countries. With a readership that spans America’s largest urban markets, The Couch Sessions has consistently been ahead of the mainstream, solidifying itself as a destination for a new generation of iPod armed consumers who are on the cutting edge of technology and music.

Why Follow: Winston is the sonic connoisseur. In the midst of two line “hot or not” blog posts that satiate only 12 year old’s case of ADD, Ford – and Dowling – take time to delve and appreciate music; translation: they cultivate culture.


DJ Lil’ Elle

DJ Lil’ Elle is more than a DJ, she is DC’s club pulse. She can be found anywhere from DC, to Miami, to Cali – at any given venue, club, or music conference – bringing her signature sound to the masses. Lil’ Elle mixes and mashes hip-hop, rap, electronic, dubstep, anything that sounds good she will make sound better – period.

Why Follow: The same reason you would follow her in real life – to get on the guest list of wherever you want/need to be, and to get the first listen on whatever people will be listening to next week, month, year, ever.

Follow Friday: Freshest of the Fourth Estate


It’s Good Friday, so let’s make it great and take it to Follow Friday – today: the freshest of the fourth estate. Follow these tweeps because you, yes you Lost Generation, need a cultural barometer

Q Magazine

The pre-eminent music/culture magazine – period. Hailing from across the pond, Q Magazine delivers any and everything any worldly (wannabe or otherwise) Gen-Y audiophile needs, fiends, and desires on print and via twit.

Why follow: I’ve been a Benedict Arnold since 2003, and I really don’t feel badly about it – because Q feeds me more than apple pie ever could. Besides, Rolling Stone’s gathering moss and Spin needs a British twin.

Music Monday: Sounds from the Summit

Soundtrek, Uncategorized

In light of the MTV premiere of Summit on the Summit

Grammy-nominated musician, philanthropist, and “actionist” Kenna has organized an expedition to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the billion people worldwide who lack access to clean drinking water. The climb will not only raise awareness of the global clean water crisis, but also raise funds for various charities and organizations

this Music Monday playlist features three of the freshest, PURist, cleanest, coolest artists to rock the mic – or trek the globe in pursuit of water as fresh and clean as they are. So below, are the Dime’s Ten Picks for “Sounds from the Summit” featuring Kenna, Santogold, and Lupe Fiasco – enjoi

“I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.”


Lily Allen’s heretofore final tweet



is beginning to look like a great recap of 2009. Neo-luddism is finding a renaissance from Lily’s anti-piracy crusade, to Jay-Z’s all black everything’s anti-autotune coup. As they say, “as above so below…”


Watch this space: as the year draws to a close, it is looking more and more like the end of one era — you know, now that Woodstock, Sesame Street, and the Gap, like Jay-Z, are on their 40th run around the calendar and on their way over the hill — on the brink of the next cultural and generational frontier.

Just as quickly as technology dictated the past decade — how we communicate, how we connect, with whom we connect at such immediate frequency, the vast archives of information at our fingertips, the juxtapositional ease in providing and prohibiting the flow of said information, our increased familiarity and understanding of people / places / societies until now foreign to us, our ability to create new and innovative forms of art / music / expression / science / medicine — its inundation, and our dependence / preoccupation on this new media, turned the miracle medium into a detriment to authenticity and basic human interaction.

Now we are seeing a backlash: from the banning of Twitter in various settings, to the FCC’s blogger-centric regulatory proposals, to the general view of social media as a somewhat narcissistic (effectually, superficial) means of recreation; not considering that social media is a medium (e.g. merely a channel that transfers content). While the medium is amazing, and is a message in its own right; Twitter, for instance, is a throughway for human ideas and their exchange. Just like magazines and television, offer entertainment-based programs, alongside public broadcast, news, scientific, etc. stations; so Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr offer entertainment, news-oriented, etc. content and conversation — Twitter the medium, the tweet remains the human message.

That said, we are seeing a digital coup d’état from the top down. It’s about balance and perspective; take the Mac / PC / Web 2.0 enigma off the pedestal, and integrate it into culture — instead of fragment and treat it as a separate entity (a la “The Social Media” as opposed to The Media itself — like print, like broadcast, etc.) — and it won’t be as complex a problem.  That said, it should be interesting to see how the neo-neo-luddites impact this coming year.

Watch that space: Truth is truth; at the end of the day, technology is only as powerful, useful, significant, and effective as we make it — we are the authentic soul behind the artificially intelligent cold. Drummers are born with that spirit; because, well, it’s hard to have a drum machine keep the heart of the beat.

Ad a Day: Sunday Omission


Seeing as I’m Catholic and the Lord said the seventh day is for rest I’ll omit the usual “Ad a Day” situation; however, I won’t leave you without a nice plug for the Church


See? Church can be funny, haha, right guys? But wait there’s more! We promise — but you gotta come to get the bonuses. Please come to church … please?

Watch this space: hint: the bonus rhymes with tree swine — it’s free and is like swine without the “s” …

The Re-Branding of America: Sprint Pre/Now Network


This ad came out a few months ago, but through it’s many manifestations is still as brilliant as ever.

I. Love. Integration. I love it like Malcolm, in my coffee; I love it like Jim Crow hated it, in American society; I love it in creative expression, like Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable; but as an eternal student with a focus on Communication and Society, I love it in ad campaigns — fully integrated campaigns with content and messaging reaching across more aisles than Ronald Reagan’s wildest nightmare — this commercial does just that.

The Re-Branding of America: Swine Flu, Souter, Spiderwebs, Scratches, Game Sevens – The Week in ‘S’


Quick in-and-out recap post. The only thing more prevalent this week than the Swine Flu was the letter S …

Starting with — as it was primarily due to — the Swine flu


and followed up by what is actually afflicting half of the reported cases: Sinuses


Amplify: Digital Media Goes Dutch


Amplify: it’s bringing clogs back harder than Birkenstock; this could be the biggest digi-Dutch tandem since cybercafés digitized the coffee shop


Okay, but who are the these amplifiers you might ask …


That’s all well and good, but what if you’ve got a few questions about exactly what clogging is …whatsaclog

or, you wonder, what with all of the Facebooks, Blogspots, Twitters, and Typepads out there, why clog?


I say with the recession the way it is, ditch the ticket to Amsterdam and head to Amplify for the freshest clogs around.

Tip another one up to Digital Media Integration. Amplify keeps the creative content base of blogs; while adding the incredibly user-friendly clipping tool for seamless organization and clean presentation. What sets clogging apart from blogging, Tweeting, or Facebooking, per se, is Amplify’s core integrated approach; Clogs can stand alone as an introductory foray into blogging for beginners, but can better yet enhance any digital guru’s online presence by pinging Clogs to synced, Facebook, RSS feeds, and Twitter accounts. The site is still in the Beta release stage, so it’s as good a time as any to check it out. I’m just getting aquainted myself, but the intuitive layout makes for an easy transition.

Watch this space: Clip, comment, and Clog — it’s that easy. Clogging could be a great digital niche for disaffected former bloggers — the ones for whom the honeymoon with blogging is over, and “updating posts” stays somewhere between ‘fixing the cabinet’ and ‘buying life insurance’ on the “To Should Do List.”  Most noteworthy of all: it’s integrated and independent, comprehensive and concise — and, of course, digital and Dutch … digi-Dutch.

Added bonus: it’s free; so, no worries on splitting the bill

Salt Lake City Scavenger Hunt


And a-gain. This time: tweet-for-tix


So the Lil one is at it again with the Tweets.

For her U.S. Tour, Lily Allen hosts a treasure hunt at each stop the day of the show via Twitter. A few hours before showtime Lily hides tickets to her gig at various places in each city. She tweets clues about the hiding spot


and waits for the lucky — or logical — follower to “show them what they’ve won!”

Another unparalleled use of the Tweet Machine, count it — it’s twitterific.

watch this space: i told you so. digital pr, i’m telling you: watch this one.

Twitter, you’re a lifesaver! — Literally.


So now it saves lives too …

and that’s why Google and the Times are paranoid

Don’t discount the power of people who follow stars on Twitter.

A woman who used the micro-blogging network to announce her plans to commit suicide by tweeting actress Demi Moore was later found by authorities and taken in for evaluation after followers of the actress reported the incident to police, who said this is an unprecedented use of the network.

Watch this space: especially if you are a paramedic – and as if you’re not already.

Call me Casper the Friendly Ghost-Tweeter


I could say it better myself — but not just yet

What’s the solution? These people all need professional help. But since they’re unlikely to spend the time they need on the psychiatrist’s couch, they’ll doubtless end up hiring assistants adept in social media. Ghostwritten Twitters are the hot new Hollywood must-have.

Every tweet will be media-coached. Every blog will be relentlessly edited — and then have typos inserted for authenticity. (Is that why someone pretending to be Rachael Ray consistently misspelled the cooking-show personality’s name on a Yahoo blog?) The kids who are pretending to be celebrities on Twitter today will no doubt get paid to do it in the future.

Watch this space: never underestimate the substance beneath the stylish smoke and mirrors, there’s jobs to be saved – and plenty more to be made – in this digital age …

Distriction: Springing back from cy-bernating slumber


This weekend welcomed the Cherry Blossom Festival, DC’s cultural introduction to Spring — and the perfect way to wake from a late winter hibernation from the digital domain.

A brief greeting after my semi-extended stint away from the blogosphere. I took some time to rest and refuel my creative reserves — similar to a bear’s hibernation for the digital age, more tech and less time.

So, I’m back now: like Bipartisanship a la Britney


babies …

Bush (W.)a la Barack

the sound of dot-com bubbles bursting …

and dot-com bubbles broadening …

Scientology a la Palin‘s people …


and those beautiful cherry blossoms.

A week (end) in review — in case you missed it

Tweeting Made Easy: We Follow


Per T.I.’s suggestion: “They don’t know which way to go/I’ll make it easy follow me.” Twitter launched a site rendering “I have a Twitter, but I don’t know what to do with it now that I’m there,” a thing of the past. We follow is a “user powered Twitter directory,” — a Twitter search engine, of sorts, using hashtags as keywords to find and follow fellow Tweeters of a feather.

To add yourself to the directory enable/follow @hashtags, then tweet @wefollow three 1 word tags that describe you/your twitter page (i.e. @wefollow #blogger #music #dc) … it’s just that easy!

Obviously the big tags at the mo are (in very particular order) celebrity, music, tech, news — and yes this is an apt reflection on priorities within the Twitter community.

After a winded round-the-world “Twitter is no threat to G” lecture series, Google is resting its voice and opting to Tweet instead of talk for the time being … If you can’t beat em, define yourself in three tags or less and enter the directory like everyone else …

Speaking of Twitter — which is becoming the modern day equivalent of “How’s the weather?” — I’ll make it easy … for you to follow me.

Watch this space: Old man Google’s Tweets are speaking louder than his words — for Twitter to be such a non-threat, We Follow got the leader to G Follow pretty quickly

The Re-Branding of America: Mr. Twitter goes a-courtin’


“@twittybird ugh so bored. in the #jury assembly. taking 4. e. ver. free lunch can’t complain. keep u postd soon. pics: http://tinyurl …”

yes. twitter in the courtroom.

@TruTV. Sentencing in 140 Characters or less. Verdict via TwitterBerry … it could happen

Too early for questions? "Let me Google that for you"


No pretense needed here, it’s self-explanatory — but if not, feel free to let me Google that for you … Okay, some sarcastic pretense

How did this come about and why? you ask. I can’t say I kno– oh, figures, them. No wonder everyone’s all paranoid about Twitter, they’re like what the intranet library database was to the Dewey Decmial System.

I bet Google nightmares in 140 characters or less… Watch this space, Google and traditional media loyalists (not the Tweeting sellouts) might get “Godfather” on Twitter — then who’s calling Burson

Watch this space

The Re-Branding of America: Twitter’s Got Me Tweakin’!

TK:DC, Vinyl Mind Flow

March 3, 2009

Oh New York Times … Twitter is the new gateway drug (Sorry Marijuana, your shot at love has ended). The ‘War on Drugs’ is so 20th century. Everything went cyber with the new millennium –– now it’s the “War on Social Medi-cin-a” (but you can call it the ‘If print parallels digital media to narcotics while we’re still ‘legitimate’ will you start buying newspapers again?’ War)

It’s not Twitter that’s the problem, nor is it Facebook, or MySpace –– well, I’ll let Chris Hansen field that –– and the problem isn’t Twitterers, or celebrities –– per se. The problem is that the Fourth Estate is back in the hands of the ‘everyman.’

PR Sidenote: I do love, though, how the Times focused the ‘drug problem’ solely on TV anchors –– because it’s not the Twittering Times readers that are addicted –––– it’s only those Tweeting pompous celebrities and pretty people, always about ‘me, me, me’ that need to be muted. It’s not like David Gregory or Demi Moore can be narcissistic without Twitter –– what? It’s not like they’re on tv for a living or anything. Common people have the luxury of millions of non-digital avenues to get their word out, like “Letters to the Editor,” that celebrities/journalists just don’t enjoy. Twitter is yet another way the liberal elite is holding the little guy down … (Lesson: Never fault the constituency, even when you are faulting the constituency.)

The media has more mileage on its laurels than Forrest Gump had on his tennis shoes –– and the biggest threat to the role of traditional media as the apex of ‘legitimate communication’ is the uninhibited digital domain playing soapbox for ‘common nobodies.’

The Times tweets. The Times tweets more than birds do. I get device updates sending NYT headlines to my cell phone … every. ten. minutes. Just now. Just now I get a text “nytimes: Bits: U.N. Says U.S. Internet and Telecoms Lags” So the Times isn’t opposed to Twitter and social media, the Times is opposed to having to share the Marketplace again –– with you; the same you who didn’t get their op-ed published in the New York Times can now Tweet the link to their Open Salon page and have the same –– if not greater –– effect.

Watch this space. Ten years from now we’ll have a VH1 RocDoc tracing the history of America through the impact of modern media –– no, not The Drug Years –– rather The Mediated Millennium .

The Re-Branding of Pop Music: The Lily Prototype


Chris Abraham’s sage advice on PR in the digital age prompted one key question: What is the prototype/blueprint for Digital PR? Essentially, who is doing it right and how are they getting it done? As a Public Comm/Sociology student and a twenty-something “Millennial” I would say Lily Allen, hands down. As the Wordsworth of the MySpace Generation, Lily is the very voice of the tomorrow’s Power 150 — today!

Lily Allen is a digital phenomenon. She propelled herself into a full-fledged entertainment career simply by utilizing the low risk/high reward method of uploading rough demo tracks to MySpace. After millions of listens, Allen was signed to Parlophone Records and so began the modern pop tale. Her original investment was digital, but the eventual outcome was very real. After selling 2.5 million copies of her album, getting a Grammy nomination, starting a clothing line, having David Cameron hand deliver her first album to President Obama, and hosting her own BBC3 talk show, among other endeavors, Allen returns to the music scene with a sophomore album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.

This career that began in the depths of cyberspace, that has seen such successes both on and offline serves as an ideal case study for the future of digital branding and audience analysis/targeting. Lily in and of herself is a blueprint for digital strategy.

Lily is a demographic. She is a self-proclaimed non-careerist. Lily treats music as a hobby; she spends more time and effort on connecting with her fanbase than she does in the studio — more time in ‘the sphere’ than ‘on stage.’ That is digital PR. Allen created a career around communication and connection: music is the front, it is a mask fueling the message. Lily Allen is the new face of an entity in a digital realm. She is fully integrated. As an individual Allen has moved from following technology trends to setting them; she created a digital empire from MySpace. Her genius lies in her steady constant progress. When MySpace lost stake in the mainstream, Lily moved to Twitter — where she now has well over 45,000 followers after two weeks. The hype is simple: she tweets regularly and responds to her fans. Her new album set the record for single-week digital sales — likely due to the fact she had free YouTube “Official Listening Posts” for each track. In the midst of a failing “traditional” music industry, Lily is moving forward on the “progressive” front. She worked with to sell her album for $3.99 during the opening week. Hard albums don’t sell anymore, so she cut her losses and focused on the digital domain — which is how she set the digital sales record, in her first week no less.

While Lily may be a blueprint, she is also a demographic. Furthermore, she represents most individuals within the young adult digital native demographic. So, it is important to scope outwards and look at two examples of how to best relate with the increasingly influential Lily and Co.

Rolling Stone knows Lily; “Lily Allen is not just a pop star. She’s a genre.” Allen is young, urban, unaffected, hip, socially-engaged, tech-savvy, and quasi-political. Lily Allen is the Obama-era ilk of young culture. RS‘ introduction to her album review established the angle that they were longer reviewing Allen’s album, they were reviewing Allen’s cultural identity — and her peers. They go on to sneer at she who, “decides that she is a ‘social critic,’ a job she lacks the insight and the maturity to pull off,” and conclude that Allen is best when she “drops the state-of-the-nation pretensions.” But, why? One would wager to guess, Rolling Stone aimed to cement themselves as vanguard messenger of a print medium which is becoming increasingly outdated. RS 1.) voluntarily identifies a modern iconography — of a key demographic no less — before 2.) taking the McCain stance on inexperience and immaturity. The target readers of this review are socially and politically engaged, and likely within the same age range as Lily. So, when RS introduces Lily as, “not just a pop star, but a genre,” everything on from that point forward reflects said “genre.” As such, RS didn’t downplay a pop star’s social voice, they downplayed her audience’s social significance … no wonder RS‘ page sizes are shrinking, almost as fast as their readership among said audience. While Rolling Stone gathered moss dwelling on Allen’s shortcomings, MTV made moves. Where Rolling Stone saw flaws, MTV saw a future.

MTV profiled Allen asthe most interesting pop star ever created.” They call Allen’s new album “the most human pop album ever created.” Here, MTV sees Allen as the closest link between celebrity and follower. MTV praises Allen for not being a pop star. This is brilliant because it is MTV saying, “You like Lily Allen because she is like you. We like Lily Allen because she is like you. We like you.” MTV illustrates Allen as any other human being. She blogs about her problems. She deals in the gray area — all the time. Allen is insecure, but cocky. She is vulnerable, but unaffected. She just wants to settle down, but eschews clingers. She’s political, but slags politicians. Everything is subjective. She is this generation, very, “I’m around enough to get around. I care enough to be cynical, but not apathetic. It’s my life, take it or leave it — please?” Like she said in “Everyone’s At It:” “I get involved but I’m not advocating. You’ve got an opinion? Yeah, you’re well up for slating.” MTV builds a pop star around the readers, and wins across the board: Lily gets amplification. MTV viewers get someone “just like them” promoted in the public sphere. MTV gets cool points, and a ride on Lily’s digital coattails.

Lily Allen is like a new
Edie Sedgwick. She’s got undeniable hype, but it’s hard for many to look past the style to the zeitgeist’s core substance. However, just like Edie, Lily holds more than a generation’s attention — she embodies their essence. There are world citizens like Bono and Barack. There are young role models like the Simmons daughters. There are celebutantes like Olivia Palermo and Kim Kardashian. There are the pop figures the masses want to be like, and then there are the pop figures who the masses actually personify — and when the latter comes to fruition, it makes targeting and messaging that much easier and more effective. Edie, to many, is nothing more than a cautionary tale of modern celebrity: assumed hedonism, style over substance, and pop over purpose; however, this is the very same girl who launched the legging revolution — and a nation no less — simply by being the extraordinary ordinary one. The most innovative trends aren’t always earth-shatteringly complex — they are often just disarmingly accessible and common. Lily is the new extraordinary ordinary one, and the savvy PR professional will note her trivialities — because those are the future trends; where Bob the businessman saw “leggings?” Betsey Johnson saw “leggings!”

Lily Allen is the prototype for digital PR because she is not a musician utilizing the online industry; she is the prototype because she is a member of the digital demographic who crafts music people like, but more so because she is a person like said people. Lily embodies the fundamental feat of the digital sphere — one that Rolling Stone assumed a flaw: to be human, to authentically reflect, and connect with, the audience with which you want to engage. The more things change the more they stay the same; even in the digital age, people like communicating with people, not products or personas.

Lily Allen. Watch this space. She’s the “Girl on Fire” — wire.