The Re-Branding of America: Residences at Thomas Circle


Today’s ad isn’t a major campaign — you won’t see it on tv, online (notwithstanding here), or hear it on the radio…


much like the residences within the luxurious walls, you won’t see this ad anywhere except at Thomas Circle. The dichotomous subtext above is so terribly uncomfortable; and yet like every great story it is the “surprising yet inevitable” ending for a generation of wealthy retirees. Luxury senior living, because this is what you’ve been saving up for — thanks 401(k); 1 bedroom apartment, because even with all that success there’s no need for a guest room; pets welcome, because Fido is the only friend left. Ah yes, the idealized concept of independence after the rat race — and all of the loneliness luxury holds — await you at Thomas Circle.

Watch this space: it’s either this or Shady Pines, Ma

Distriction: Wale’s Latest & Greatest


Mr. DMV is rolling through 9:30 tonight; after trekking the country, he’s bringing Go-Go home again.

So before the District — or at least the DC blogger/DJ twitterati — flood V St., a brief latest and greatest …

Latest: Wale enlisted the help of Lady Gaga, The Factory 2.0 herself, for “Chillin’,” whose well-anticipated video leaked – but was cleaned up – today. So, here’s the live version from Last Call with Carson Daly

And the jumpoff, Nike Boots – because it’s “flya than the rest of ’em”

… and some odds and ends in between

The Gold Post: 100 Kept


Finally, the century mark. It’s times like this when you recap to the beginning and where it all began. So: a playlist paying tribute to where it always begins — home. (Actually, I stumbled across “City is Mine,” and decided to put together a city playlist. It just so happened to be The Dime’s 100th post, and all the cities are hometowns — thus the easy spin about where it begins.) Either way, enjoi

Starting at the top of the map with an ode to our Neighbors to the North — compliments of their most hyped export since Jimmy Brooks

The Re-Branding of America: Distriction – Around Town May 23-25


Distriction at its core: Snapshots of DC being DC

No better way to start the day
Even better from the inside. I’m not too good to ride the bus — just with you on it

DC Street Chic: you can’t pay for this kind of space

Memorial Day Traffic



Distriction: Memorial Day ’09 Mix


Quick and dirty lunchtime/BBQ mix for the holiday. Literal mix of older, new-ish, pop, hip-hop, this and that. It’s a general smattering: a bit random, not particularly thematic, but a universally decent mix for a mid-day holiday meal.

Start off mellow for the swelter. Pre-interlude: less local, a bit bossa nova and ska over funk, try it on for size …

The Re-Branding of America: Metro Memo May 20 “Your World,” not mine …


Again with the Metro messages. Today was a gorgeous day in the District, so I ventured and mosied.

What better way to start the day than to cross paths with our darling future …

(No, it’s not blurry — it’s artistic.)

I’m not sure about a better way to start the day, but I can think of a few ways how the ending could improve.

Distriction: City Stroll May 17


Still trying to keep up with the Joneses …

051709 080

not the family next door — their house got foreclosed. I’m trying to keep up with the kids who can afford to play, where and when I work.

Though I wouldn’t mind dwelling on the recess side of the recession for a bit, kind of like these guys …

051709 053
to protect, serve … then pipe, drum, and party on the side

Another day in the District … playing catch up, and gauging recession-proof careers by car (DCPD Pipes and Drums looks viable, assuming an “I” is part of their stimulus package)

The Re-Branding of America: Distriction – Metro Moment April 23


Bipartisanship: If it can’t work on the Metro, it’ll never work on the Hill


DC residents and their politics, the world is red and blue from birth — they just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye.

Honestly though, two of the most well-mannered Metro riders I’ve come across — adults included.