Formerly known as a laundry list of pop-related aliases, swiperbootz dot com is presently known as Bourgeoisie Rebel’s editorial estate, where the new and archival co-habitate.

Below: Words formerly known as the “About” page…


The Blog Formerly Known as The Dime: My Two Cents (After Taxes and Inflation) began in 2009 as a site focused on Pop, politics, media, advertising, urban life, and the like… an online socio-political culture equivalent of my sophomore coming-of-age album (a la “it’s my baby”) and my coffee table (a collection of literature to show off how “worldly” I am).


Revamped in 2011 to focus on what stuck through the early years and highlight what stuck out most – Pop: the political, the social, the mediated, the mass-marketed, the music, the life, the everything all the time… and thus stood:

TrapperKeeper: Pop in the Fold. Music, culture, the eternal youth, and zeitgeist – all Pop; what holds it together? That classic TrapperKeeper – our trusty companion. Half prose, half pastiche, entirely archival; one sleeve of clips and magazine cut-outs, the other – creative writing drafts… folded and packed up into this pop culture collage.

This blog was just that: the Pop organizer – the sounds, the scenes, the scapes, the sonic aesthetics of it all. Like the sharpie graffiti adorning the Trapper cover – ’twas a smattering. Sometimes it snapped, other times it crackled – but it always Popped. We lived in a Pop World – someone had to be the glue.

The page was also a scientific experiment on how many times the word “Pop” can appear on an “About” page before the reader pursues a piece of bubblegum #howaboutnow

Now, for the readers (those who have made it this far…) we have The Pop Standard. Established in, well, 2009, it captured the structure of feeling during those crucial transformative years at the turn of the first decade of the second Millennium. It’s no longer Pop, by assumed definition of the contemporary; however, it established the canon from which said modern Pop functions; so, we have, The Pop Standard: Established 2009 – The Post-Pop Journal of Avant Pop culture.

Word to the wise: if you want the dailies, read The Times I write eternities.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. “It’s somewhere between my sophomore coming-of-age pop album —” — why don’t more people begin descriptive sentences with this phrase?

    Kari Elam, you are brilliant.

  2. My neice from Atlanta said she loved your designs, saw some of your things and bought a bunch, she thinks your designs are wonderful. What sizes do they come in?

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