2010: On To the Next One

2009: Out of sight, out of mind; 2010: eyes up, chin up, let’s get it in

Watch This Space: 2010 is looking too good for words. I want, you need, we deserve: art. It’s a renaissance. Hov is so clean, so dirty, so raw, so fierce, so stark, so stylistic. Last decade we saw facades, smoke, mirrors, bright colors, and flashing lights. Last decade, we saw where goldless glitter got us. When we tread a troubled track, our odds are stacked: we go back to black. Black is beautiful though. This is colourless color, the images pop off the screen with their crystal clarity. 2000-2009 was the decade of lost chances, not last chances. Pop music will never be low brow; it may have taken the backseat, but it’s locked and loaded riding shotgun now. The method and the message; the monsters and the madness; the chaos and the calm; the screams and the silence: it’s the post-apocalypse, and it’s time to catalyze the new creative class. They got a million ways to get it, choose one – Hov made it easy. Their blueprint has been displayed in black and white; get your paws out.


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