Normal in New York: Duane Reade, now Kitchenware-Classy

You know what’s normal in New York: keeping it real in the middle of a recession. Duane Reade isn’t Bergdorf-Goodman, it isn’t Walgreen’s; it is aware that you already know the state of the economy if you’re at Duane-Reade shopping for utensils, cups, and general kitchenware – so might as well have fun with it #miserylovescompany #mockerylovescommerce

Flexible Straws: Suck it up New York

read: “Flexible Straws: more flexible than the adjustable mortgage rate that brought you here” – because you just had to have that new set of cabinets in 2007 #suckitup

Assorted Cutlery: for when you run out of takeout plasticware

read: “Assorted Cutlery: because the last time you took out plasticware from Wok and Roll on 63rd and Amsterdam, you ran into NYPD and a petty theft charge” #utensiltakeout #recessionaryolympics

50 Party Cups: beer pong certified

read: “50 Party Cups: because you have all the time in the world to party, but you can’t afford to bring your own beer” #post401kfratparties #ohbai401k

Watch this space: Marketing can be fun… even if the market is done

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