VCP Mixology: El Cobre’s Dark and Stormy

A splash of symphonics, a dose of distilled spirits, twist of turntablism on tap, chilled swelter of the most aurally intoxicating blend… resting forever assured it will satisfy most any fiending trap… Mix me a beat fit for the most keen of tongues, and cultured of eardrums… intoxicate me: i’m a lush #inthelyricalsense

“New York has more alcohol in one establishment, than most cities have on entire blocks…” I live life like the classics… I choose three steps over twelve any day… eat, drink, be merry… I feast on socio-philosophy, I sip on life’s most delicious libations, and music makes this muse the merriest of all… in a city that is The City… in the comsopolitan metropolis that puts other microcosms to shame… Each drummer marches to their own beat, just as each bartender mixes to their own drink…

Tunes on Tap: #avotresantebushebushe


The Scene: El Cobre – 6th St. & Ave A (East Village)

The Skinny: Ravi DeRossi’s sit-down Cuban restaurant in the Cienfuegos complex is modeled after a public square, and does indeed contain a fountain. Per DeRossi, the figure spouting water is ‘the blessed virgin of El Cobre of Santiago, Cuba, the lover of Chango, the god of drunkenness and debauchery.’ Appropriate for a cocktail list that focuses on rum! In addition to a number of classics (the Floridita, the Cloak & Dagger) and the intriguing-sounding Papa Double (a frozen daiquiri with grapefruit juice and maraschino), there are shaken and rocks options, and, as expected in these tiki-heady days, some sweeter-leaning swizzles. Food is in the same classic-Cuban vein as the offerings at next-door sandwich shop Carteles and the upstairs Cocteleria, with some additional snacks like tamales and crab gratin, larger plates including rack of lamb and grilled snapper, and a selection of ceviches.” Jenny Miller, #salud

The Sip: Dark and Stormy on Tap

  • Gosling’s Black Seal rum
  • Ginger beer
  • C02
  • Lime
  • Fresh Ginger wedge for garnish

The Sound: A contemporary twist on the rim… the tumult beneath the dimmed dancehall’s island haze of lights turned down…

… but at the heart of the beverage settles the classic Cuban soul… a splash of nostalgic rumbastic salsa… the dark Cuban stormed Black Seal that is Arsenio Rodriguez

… some Afro-Cuban jazz fusion…

… and the timeless microcosmic New York blend of all things City culture


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