now playing :: “hausa phoenix”

mood :: renaissance flaircase wit revelation station, echoing alongside enigmatic elan vitals … hanging onto pursed lips reprise, musing mythosophical memoranda riding alongside, zen edenesque botanical suspension frequencies … scribing hybrid blueprints of architecture futurists … pondering prototypes, l’mausolarium … it’s all just passion and pascha dialogue : “you have to burn your house down to feel alive sometimes…”

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ring :: i was sipping on a rubicon, thinking about from where i come, it’s all this for revolution, can i call home, please can i go home … bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly, when she woke in the morning, she knew that her life had passed her by, and she called out a warning, “don’t ever let life pass you by,” floating in this cosmic jacuzzi like frogs oblivious, to the water starting to boil. no one flinches … i’m a fountain of, in the shape of a girl, you’re the bird on the brim, hypnotized by the whirl, drink me, make me feel real, game we’re playing is life, love is a two-way dream, leave me now, return tonight, tide will show you the way, i’m a path of cinders, burning under your feet, you’re the one who walks me, i’m your one-way street …

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so, have you seen amy tonight, is she gonna blossom, is she smokin up outside, so tell me have you scene her, cause eye’m so, can’t get her off my brain, i just wanna go, can somebody take me home, ha-ha-hee-hee-ha-ha heaux, love me, hate thee, but can’t you see what eye see … sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise, tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised, i’m headed straight for the castle, they wanna make me their queen, and there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying that i probably shouldn’t be so mean, straight for the castle, they’ve got the kingdom locked up, and there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying i should probably keep my pretty mouth shut … microphone check, i make ‘em all bounce, every teller in bank of america, make ‘em all count, you gone need the whole staff to add up the amount, it’s going to take to pay me off to keep me out your house, to keep me in my zone, so that eye don’t zone out, don’t you know i’m so sure, them triggas got no glow, find a master before you can come back into the dojo, i’ll do the register, you just get them fries right, eye don’t trust america after watching zeitgeist, take a look at my stripes, chest looks like a tiger arm and i’m hot as tiger balm, fire like a five-alarm, and it’s set to tire barn, get your fire-fighter on, and ride this around the entire song, find a line to drive it on, park it in a metaphor, wait four it, the timer’s on …

hausa phoenix

what can i say, nobody’s angel, they say i’m trouble, but when i’m bad i know i’m better … the good are never easy, the easy never good, and living never happens, like you think it really should, i don’t belong to anyone, guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but still looking pretty in this dress, eye’m the image of deception, when everything is life and death, you may feel like there’s nothing left, but we cannot escape the past, ‘cause i’m a homewrecker … weave for you the marvellous web, glow in the dark threads all neon like, the cocoon surrounds you, the soft distortion fills you up, and the luminous beam it feeds you, don’t get angry with yourself, i’ll heal you luminous, i’ll heal you … don’t explain … well who am i, can’t remember half the time that i’ve been alive, and i’m so happy I figured out, that i’ve got a long way to go until self-preservation, soft and slow, watch the minutes go, count out loud so we know you don’t keep ’em for yourself … if eye could go back see myself as a child, i’d say stick to your guns girl, in fact, go get that rifle, love this life, stand your ground, here’s some light, think you’ll need it, best believe it … scorch the estate, restore your space, have your cake and eat it … history repeats, and we defeat ourselves again, history repeats, and we compleat ourselves again, come on everybody, one more time again …

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now playing :: “hausa phoenix”

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(Fakes / 2005)
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(Manic / 2020)
Lily Allen Cake
(No Shame / 2018)
Brittany HowardHistory Repeats
(Jaime / 2019)

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