Ms. Education – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

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We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time
Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man
Broke world and debauchery, old world brutality
Cold world kills softly
Whole world works savagely
Greedy men and pride fiends program TV screens
Quick-scam and drag queens
Real life blast fiends
Think twice this past dream

BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – BMF (Hold it Against Rozay Mash-Up)

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Water cooler tip of the day: Complex Magazine posted an article about Lady GaGa’s adolescent cocaine use #becauseitissonews #becauseyoucare #becausenewswasbornthiswaybaby


You know what would be fun? If somewhere in the Deep South “Miss American Dream Since She Was Seventeen” was recording Maybach Music, riding shotgun with Ricky Ross, redefining what it means to be a BMFn white girl… if only to remind you that, from the Kentwood Police Department to Kevin’s apartment: Britney Jean’s Been Murkin’ Feds… well, if you find Ms. Spears on leave guarding the Keys with Rick in Miami – you can hold it against GE: this mash-up had to happen #greateeclecticsighsyourewelcome

This might just be the hardest, coldest, hottest, street Urban-Junglegum Pop in existence… this is the darkest alley, and the whitest picket in the fence… it’s Teflon Don, and it’s Tupperware Amy… it’s black magic, fam.

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – “BMF (‘Hold It Against Rozay’ Remix)”

All of the Lights: Miley Cyrus & Rick Ross – Cop Lights

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Turn up the lights in here, baby / extra bright, I want y’all to see this  / turn up the lights in here, baby / you know what I need, want you to see everything / want you to see all of the lights – Kanye West, “All of the Lights”


Miley Cyrus and Rick Ross were our patriots on patrol this year. Living the high life where MiCy met Miami, these two lit up the Pop scape with the red, white, and blue hues of stars, bars, strips, whips, chains, gangs, and the incessant inability of ever being tamed. He was the Teflon Don: gun dirty, brick clean; she hung on a pole and a prayer: the jailbait-in-waiting, craving to be scene.

TrapperKeeper – Best of 2010: Teflon Don

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Oh, hai “that time of year again,” didn’t hear you come in – well, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I’m not spectacular at year-end reviews… I prefer life like I prefer my albums: gapless. That said, I hat-tipped six artists, songs, and albums that made me pause and take time to jot the time and place – year included – over the last 300-someodd days; and six creations that embodied and encapsulated sonic aesthetic for 2010. Why six? Why not? To the six I take, to have and to hold; forever like a TrapperKeeper, Pop safe in the fold. #enjoi

Round three: book it like a quarter key

“Maybach Music 3” ft. T.I., Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu – Teflon Don Rick Ross

#histwocents: “Seems like we gettin’ money for the wrong things; look around, Maseratis for the whole team. Look at Haiti, children dyin’ ’round the clock; I sent a hundred grand, but that’s a decent watch.”

TrapperKeeper: “Never Give Up On the Good Times,” Spice Girls

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Tuesday means it’s time for a two-cent tangent. Granted it’s New Music Tuesday, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… besides, what’s old is new. Nothing says fresh and familiar like a TrapperKeeper – whether keeping the trap under control, or keeping daily assignments and doodles within the fold – one thing kidults could always count on to keep the world right was the TrapperKeeper. Then something happened, middle school was over and it was fast-forward to high school – higher education via the high life… kind of like childhood – all fun and games until graduation… kind of like adulthood… all fun and games until you kill yourself to make a living… kind of like life – all fun and games until the world says, “Man, you play too much.”

What happened?  

We got too cool. Somewhere along the lines we bit our tongues… somewhere down the road we forgot ourselves, and the fact that while silence is golden – shouting is fun. So there you have it… just another two cents on any given Tuesday – but for all of you little 21st Century Victor and Veruca Salts, quietly pleading for the simpler, but somehow far more spectacular, days long gone… a song to answer the question of, “So, this is what we wanted when we wanted it now; well, now that we’ve got it – the question is: how?”

Before our Lost Generation pledged allegiance to “Live Fast, Die Young,” we dwelled in splendid isolation across the sonic pond in a land of “What Death? Live Fun.”


Dime Dailies: New Music Monday Melange – May 24, 2010

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Ello, ello! (Baby you called I can’t hear a thing…) It’s been awhile (read: far too long) since I’ve posted a sampler smattering of what I’m listening to, but today I felt particularly inspired. So, here goes: a… sampler smattering of what I’m listening to today.

“Toxic” (Britney Spears Cover) (16 Bit Dubstep Remix) – Yael Naim

This remix is by no means new, but it is the definition of fresh. We all know and love the original. Hopefully a lot of you have been enjoying Yael Naim’s sugary cover for years now. But now, 16 Bit have brought it home. Their dubstep remix adds layers of sound that accent Naim’s already fragile-sounding voice, making the cover sound like a music box that could break at any moment. We pray it won’t, and the suspense is half the fun.

Courtesy of Pretty Much Amazing

* * *

“Unforgettable” ft. Young Jeezy – Wheelchair Jimmy