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Audiobiography: Swiper

Audiobiography, Soundtrek, TK:LA

I’m an audiophilic one, like many. I love and live my music. Music is the score of said life. So, a playlist sonic biography of the slightly younger, significantly wiser self. Mood music … immune muses … Just a spin in the soundtrack of swipe’s life… Enjoi.

I see in sounds: my selfie is a soundtrack.


The (S)tar Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston [1991]

Pledge allegiance. The dawn, the genesis. Born stellar.


(W)ho Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls [1996]

When this launched, who did I think I was… who did I perceive myself to be… well, I was a bouncing Baltimore baby, the charmed second, bite-sized cerebral stellar body in orbital training, traversing the globe from within the four walls of my elementary boudoir. Reach up, maintain soul, get down, claim control… move, swing, shake, for life, for lyric, for rhyme, or reason (whichever’s in season): a la mode, a la monarchy, nine years young, forever the groovy one… cheers.

Crate Dig: My First Blog Post #ever #kindof

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Stumbled across my now-defunct first blog from back in 2007 #thatyear and in the past six years… not much has changed at all… what can I say?

For the sake of morbid curiosity… from October 2007… my first blog post… #itsadoosie #notheresnopictures

swiper sighs manifesto

So until I figure out this whole music blog thing i’ll just blog about pop culture, pseudo-politics, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, ology … the usual and of course media/entertainment which includes music, movies, tv a bit, books, or whatever suits my fancy.

Ummmm as for the music scene right now – it’s lacking in the mainstream. American Top 40 isn’t a good representation of music, the Top 40 should be indicative of the culture. The top 40 is watered down everything, even pop is watered down. Say what you will about Britney, Christina, N Sync, and Backstreet – but they were Pop: down to the core. They were catchy and they got into your head. They were like Saccharin; they were too sweet, and it was so synthetic, but they were devoured by the masses. You could not deny the sheer “Pop” of it.

BlinkkBeats: Parade – “Louder”

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Transatlantic treats on Parade this humpday – literally! A one Mister Brolley Genster dropped this spicy-in-a-safe-way (read: passable, but seems to still be missing the Ginger) English Muffin on my virtual doorstep this morning.

Meet Parade: the latest set of girls allowed entrance into the realm of Euro-sugarbaby pop melody makers – delve

TrapperKeeper: “Never Give Up On the Good Times,” Spice Girls

Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Tuesday means it’s time for a two-cent tangent. Granted it’s New Music Tuesday, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… besides, what’s old is new. Nothing says fresh and familiar like a TrapperKeeper – whether keeping the trap under control, or keeping daily assignments and doodles within the fold – one thing kidults could always count on to keep the world right was the TrapperKeeper. Then something happened, middle school was over and it was fast-forward to high school – higher education via the high life… kind of like childhood – all fun and games until graduation… kind of like adulthood… all fun and games until you kill yourself to make a living… kind of like life – all fun and games until the world says, “Man, you play too much.”

What happened?  

We got too cool. Somewhere along the lines we bit our tongues… somewhere down the road we forgot ourselves, and the fact that while silence is golden – shouting is fun. So there you have it… just another two cents on any given Tuesday – but for all of you little 21st Century Victor and Veruca Salts, quietly pleading for the simpler, but somehow far more spectacular, days long gone… a song to answer the question of, “So, this is what we wanted when we wanted it now; well, now that we’ve got it – the question is: how?”

Before our Lost Generation pledged allegiance to “Live Fast, Die Young,” we dwelled in splendid isolation across the sonic pond in a land of “What Death? Live Fun.”